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Schuetzen Target Rifle
Schuetzen_Target_Rifle_gg.jpg (54802 bytes)


Model 1842 Springfield - Lock Dated 1847
1842_Springfield_gg.jpg (48879 bytes)


45/70 Model 1876 Long Loop Bayonet Scabbard
Long_Loop_Scabbard_hh.jpg (42559 bytes)


Civil War Non-Regulation Officer's Sword
Civil_War_Officers_Sword_ff.jpg (45940 bytes)


Civil War Model 1840 Musician's Sword by Ames
Model_1840_Musicians_Sword_M1840_aa.jpg (56875 bytes)


Infantry Waist Belt and Oval US Buckle
Standard_Civil_War_Infantry_Waist_Belt_with_Oval_US_Buckle_11.jpg (86760 bytes)


Powder Horn Priming Horn Matched Set
Powder_Horns_gg.jpg (38160 bytes)


Cape for Greatcoat - Indian Wars
Cape_for_Greatcoat_dd.jpg (32041 bytes)


The Soldiers Record of Jericho, Vermont - Very Rare Civil War Book
Soldiers_Record_aa.jpg (95795 bytes)


Late Nineteenth Century British Infantry Uniform Tunic & Trousers
Chas_H_Fox_ii.jpg (56789 bytes)


WWI French Adrian Helmet Shell
French_Adrian_Helmet_dd.jpg (42197 bytes)


Field Manual: Constitution and by-laws of the
Independent Company of Cadets 1845
Sears22.JPG (24610 bytes)


Colonial Riflemen in the American Revolution by Joe D. Huddleston
Colonial_Riflemen_Huddleston_aa.jpg (85136 bytes)


Model 1885 Indian Wars Watering Bit and Reins
M1885_Watering_Bit_Reins_cc.jpg (108169 bytes)


Model 1906 Curb Bit with Headstall and Rosettes
M1906_Curb_Bit_aa.jpg (79491 bytes)


WWI Aero Service Photographs Identified
WWI_Aero_Photographs_1.jpg (56486 bytes)


War Telegram Marking Map
War_Telegram_Marking_Map_aa.jpg (92149 bytes)


Description and Rules for the Management of the
Springfield Rifle, Carbine, and Army Revolvers  Caliber 45
Spring22.JPG (24822 bytes)


Double Eagle Pistol Powder Flask Brass
Powder_Flask_aa.jpg (49817 bytes)


Colt M1849 Double Eagle Pistol Powder Flask for Model 1849 Colt
Powder_Flask_No_Spout_aa.jpg (58646 bytes)


First to the Front - 95th Aero Squadron - Signed
Charles_Woolley_aa.jpg (160562 bytes)


WWI Cavalry Canteen with Strap 1918
WWI_Canteen_1918_aa.jpg (34795 bytes)


WWI Infantry Drill Manuals
Infantry_Drill_Regulations_1911_cc.jpg (44885 bytes)  Infantry_Drill_Regulations_1911_ff.jpg (50645 bytes)


Flintlock Baker Rifle - Reproduction
Baker_Rifle_cc.jpg (50970 bytes)


Reproduction Samuel de Champlain 1609
Matchlock, Apostles & Shoes
SdC_aa.jpg (375622 bytes)


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