Original WWI Aero Service Photographs Identified

Ten original black and white photographs with descriptions on the back.  All are in plastic sleeves and can be removed easily.

Descriptions: Aeroplane Crash Seaford, May 1919 England / Martin Bomber / Finch Biplane wing spread 13ft 6in height 4ft 8in Length 12ft = HP 26 weight empty 155lbs weight loaded 350lbs speed 95mph Designed by Harry Durant 63rd service squadron / Barling Bomber wing spread 120ft height 27ft 6in length 65ft weight empty 40,000lbs weight loaded 50,000lbs horsepower 2400 speed 115mph armament two 4000lb bombs 16 machine guns 4 25mm guns pilot's cockpit protected by 1/4in steel armour The Largest Airplane That Flies / HS2L Flying Boat span 78ft height 12ft length 36ft weight 36ft weight 4200 mph 80 HP 400 Liberty Engine / Martin Bomber wing spread 74ft length 45ft height 14ft weight empty 7180lbs weight loaded 12000lbs HP 800 speed 105mph / DeHaviland 4 B wing spread 42ft 5 3/8in HP 400 Liberty Engine speed 117mph / DH4B Biplane 63-SS training plane no. 24-79 one of the planes I'm in charge of / Line up of M B-3 Persuit plane wing spread 26ft HP 300 Hispano Suiza Engine speed 150 to 170mph Ready for night flying.


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