Laflin & Rand Powder Keg

Wooden keg is complete except for a missing upper band at the base.   Stopper fits nicely into place.  Marked “FF” on the top and branded “Laflin & Rand Powder Co. New York” on the bottom.  Overall condition is very good.  It measures 13 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter.

 The Laflin & Rand Powder Company was DuPont's leading post-Civil War competitor in the explosives industry, but also an important partner in the Gunpowder Trade Association (GTA). After manufacturing saltpeter for the Massachusetts militia during the Revolutionary War, Irish-born Matthew Laflin built a powder mill in Southwick, Massachusetts, and successfully entered the explosives business. After Laflin died in 1810, his descendants expanded the family business into New York. To better handle the growing complexities of business after the Civil War, the partners incorporated the firm in 1866 as the Laflin Powder Company. A year later, Albert Tyler Rand of the competing Smith & Rand Powder Company proposed uniting the two firms, and in 1869 both sides agreed to merge into the Laflin & Rand Powder Company of New York, with Rand as the new firm's first president.


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