Rare Civil War Telegram Marking Map by L Prang & Co. 1862

As advertised in the Burlington (Vermont) Sentinel on Friday August 29, 1862:

A new war map and just the thing for present use has been published by L Prang & Co. No. 109 Washington Street, Boston called "War Telegram Marking Map" of the seat of War in Virginia.  It gives a large and distinct view of the country and places where our armies and those of the rebels are now maneuvering, and is furnished with pencils, red and blue, with which to mark the positions and progress of the respective forces.   It is handsomely printed in light brown colors and will be sent by mail on receipt of price: 25 cents for the map and 12 cents for the pencils.

This original map is in fragile condition and placed on foam board and shrink wrapped to keep it in position.  The edges are uneven.  There are two minor pieces missing: one is just southwest of Petersburg and the other is shown in the text of map's section called Explanations.

This is an ultra rare item to be found at all in any condition.  Other originals can be found at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. and the Harvard Map Collection in Cambridge, MA.


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