Samuel de Champlain
1609 Era Matchlock ~ Shoes ~ Apostles Powder Flasks (Bandolier of Wooden Bottles)
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1609 Era Matchlock Musket

New Authentic Reproduction .cal 735.  This common style matchlock was used from the 16th century up through the mid 17th and during the English Civil Wars.   Appropriate for portrayals in Early American settlements such as Jamestown.  Also suitable for the Samuel de Champlain era.  Precision craftsmanship, excellent workmanship and fully functional.  Smooth bore with full length wooden ramrod. Overall length is 57 inches and the barrel length is 42. 

Pictured on page 68 of Arms & Armour of the English Civil Wars by David Blackmore.  Also found in The Renaissance Drill Book by Jacob de Gheyn.

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Samuel de Champlain Shoes

New Authentic Reproduction leather shoes hand made by master shoemaker Dan Freeman of Middlebury, Vermont.  Copied and crafted using photographs of the original period shoes.   This style shoe was typically worn by musketeers, pikemen and cavaliers.  They were worn extensively by armies throughout Europe during the 1600s and evidence of these shoes were found at Jamestown.

Shown frequently in the Renaissance Drill Book by Jacob de Gheyn and in Soldiers of the English Civil War by Keith Roberts and Angus McBride.

For your reenacting needs, please order these custom shoes directly from Dan Freeman's Leatherworks at (802) 388-2515.

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Apostles - Bandolier of Wooden Flasks

New Authentic Reproduction Handmade in the USA.   Leather shoulder strap is 1.75 inches wide with a leather ball pouch.  There are ten hand turned wooden apostles with another for priming for a total of eleven.   Although there are many variations, these are copied from an original Austrian set.


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